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Yes, I treat Pain.

I have an 85-95% success rate in helping people GRADUATE or SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE (80-99%) with longterm results.  

I treat other things really well also. I have a 90% success rate with helping women conceive naturally.  I've done 7 videos so far just on natural fertility & menstrual health.

There are many testimonials regarding mental, hormonal, digestive & immune health, and so much more. & this website has a bunch of testimonials and videos that explain my work . Thanks for visiting!


Got a question?  Just call 949-305-1703 or text 619-341-4341.

I posted this on FB 1/11/17:


"If you can point to it, I can treat it 95% of the time."


This video is what to expect from our work together. I did this video 3 times. 

These are the first of my 175+ Yelp reviews:



This explains who I am:


Multiple Sclerosis & Trigeminal Neuralgia



Neurological issues:



I treat arthritis very well. This is just one testimonial:


First of the 53 videos.  Some at & some on this website



I've treated 4 Gold Medal Olympians so far. Many of my patients are athletes, fighters and dancers. 

From 1999-2006, I focused on were digestive and menstrual issues 90% of the time in my practice. One of the issues that I'm really good at is getting rid of menstrual pain.


Menstrual issues: 

Digestive Issues:

The #1 reason for men to come in is lower back pain. Second is neck pain. Third is pain in other areas. When they really trust me, they mention their erectile dysfunction.

Neck pain

I've been studying a lot from Dr. John Gray's work since 3 years ago. Since then, my male patient load last increased 800%+. Sometimes my entire office (5 tables and 3 antigravity chairs, 3 extra for kids in the waiting room) is all or mostly men. It's really awesome. Treating men is DIFFERENT. I can't talk to them the same way I talk with women. They take in information much differently than women do. Therefore, I need to talk with them differently and treat them differently. I've found that clinically, they respect that. Men don't need words. They need actions and results. I provide that. I have no problem telling a dude, "This isn't gonna work unless you do acupuncture like this." They trust me, they do it, they get results. Bottom line. If they don't like what I have to say, they leave and I don't sweat it. I told them the truth and that's the best I can give them.


I love treating acute and chronic headaches and migraines:

This is a video on an 8-year old boy who came in with ADHD & neck issues:



I'm currently treating some boys with Perthes' Disease. One boy was given 1.5 years to get clearance to bear weight on his hip. After THREE months of receiving Balance Method acupuncture (none of the needles were placed anywhere along his thigh or his hip areas), his hip started showing new bone growth. July 20, 2016 the boy was given clearance to walk again. He started working with me on October 21, 2015; NINE MONTHS of acupuncture therapy. Now I'm working on clearance for his ability to RUN. Imagine being 6 years old and being told, "Son, you can't walk for 1.5 years." Yah, my acupuncture ain't a placebo, people. I made that boy walk. ***66 treatments from first treatment for Perthes' Disease to the day his RN mama told me that he can walk. I shed tears of joy the day I saw him WALK into my office.***


I treat my patients' time and money like I treat mine. I'm going to make it WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY when you come into my acupuncture healing center. This is a family that spared no expense to heal their child as quickly as possible. I'm saddened that this doctor who is amazed that this boy is healing so fast - who told the mom to get acupuncture for the patient on October 19, 2015 - who sees the results - now retracts his statement and dismisses my work, "The acupuncture is doing nothing for this patient except promoting blood flow and circulation to the hip. The acupuncturist is not contributing to the fast healing of this patient." Sir, you just made yourself look like an jackass. You were amazed at the bone growth after 3 months of acupuncture!!!! Not only is this registered nurse laughing at you, she's referring other children to me and all of those parents are shaking their heads behind your back in disbelief that you are so full of your pride than to share the amazing results of ONE of your patients; the one patient receiving Balance Method acupuncture. For a physician who specializes in Perthes' Disease, one would use logic that you would refer more patients to acupuncture. If you TRULY care about the wellbeing of your pediatric patients who you are telling, "You cannot walk for 1-1.5 years and stay in this wheelchair," you would refer more of your little patients to acupuncture. Acupuncturists are not going to take business away from you. You'll get more referrals from us, your patients will love and respect you more, and you'll have boys OUT OF WHEELCHAIRS and running in circles. Empower these boys. Speed up their healing. 


This is how I treat very difficult cases:

Hemorrhoids can be a pain in the rear:


Knee Pain & Amenorrhea


Pre-surgical care:

Post-surgical/Postpartum care:

Foot pain




Skin pain:




Elbow injuries:


Vaginal pain:

Shoulder pain:


When applied correctly, acupuncture is VERY EFFECTIVE and can transform a person's life from where they are today to an incredible and better life tomorrow.


I shared with you today AN OUNCE of what I'm capable of. There are so many unshared stories on this post that sit quietly in my files. They keep their accomplishments to themselves with full confidence that had they not done Chinese medicine, their lives would have worsened. I treat an ER physician who loves Chinese medicine. He's an incredible doctor. He feels unable to share his story with any of his colleagues for fear that he will be criticized and removed from his position.


My message to the planet is this:


Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years. Nurture the acupuncturists who have taken an unrelenting stand for something we have passion for and faith in. Encourage these young and new acupuncturists. When your families, friends, colleagues and acquaintances are brave enough to share that they receive acupuncture, don't hurt their feelings. (The original post is VERY LONG. I edited it for my business website. I took out 50% of the content.)


I'm here to share with Earth that Chinese medicine is really wonderful. I stood up to so many people who despised alternative medicine. I battled with temporary defeat. I heard all of the quack jokes. I rolled with all the punches. This post is meant to lessen the blow to newer practitioners, new patients who have not yet the strength to stand up to their naysayers - who want to believe that our work will be fruitful - and to shut up the negative comments about Chinese medicine all over the world.


Elements in Harmony Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs





Anna Dolopo, L.Ac.

Dr. Tan's Gold Level Balance Method Acupuncturist

Dr. Tan BAZI Graduate


Southern California and to all those who have driven hours and flown in to see me since 1999, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. You have been my GREATEST teachers. Thank you for feeding my kids and helping me make a living in Orange County.



Text 619-341-4341

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