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Nicole C.
San Clemente, CA
5.0 star rating

As I approach my one year "anniversary" of treatments with Anna, it's amazing to think of how far I've come since I began seeing her!  I was referred to Anna by a friend's midwife after suffering a missed miscarriage (no symptoms) around 8 weeks.  I was healthy, had no signs of a miscarriage, and was completely shocked and devastated by the news having been trying to get pregnant for quite some time.  Anna was patient, sensitive and honest about her protocol and began treating me immediately.  From a healing standpoint, both physically and emotionally, I felt better after the very first treatment.  I continued to see Anna regularly and with each treatment, received tangible results...while also avoiding a D&C procedure.  Strange as it may sound, around my 3rd or 4th treatment, I experienced what I can only describe as a cathartic emotional release, and knew that with Anna's help I'd finally let go of the pregnancy.  It was one of the most powerful experiences in recent memory, and this is coming from someone who is not particularly emotional or religious in the traditional sense.  

While I was anxious to "try again," Anna encouraged me to wait several months to allow my body to heal naturally and find balance before becoming pregnant again.  Impatient as I was, at this point I trusted Anna completely and continued treatments with her weekly/ever other week as we waited for the time to be right again.  My husband and I resumed our efforts to start our family in October/November and I was pregnant by December!

Since becoming pregnant, I have been religious about continuing my treatments once a week.  It was an absolute non-negotiable, and I truly believe my pregnancy has been MUCH easier for it.  I  experienced almost ZERO morning sickness, my sleep has been terrific, I have felt incredible for the vast majority of my pregnancy (to the point that I was concerned in my first trimester because I was feeling so good...I was sure that something was wrong).  Of course, I have had a few minor discomforts here and there, but nothing like the horror stories you hear from women and they were nothing more than a significant aches and pains, no debilitating morning sickness or fatigue, no crazy mood swings, and a healthy, perfect baby growing inside.  

I've continued high intensity interval training 3-4 times per week through my pregnancy, have continued to work in a demanding sales job and am having my best year ever while pregnant, and have truly marveled at times over the fact that there have been times in my pregnancy in which I have never felt better!!  In addition to the physical results from Anna's treatments, there are emotional benefits as well.  My stress levels, emotional health and well being, and just a general sense of peace and calm can all be attributed to the acupuncture I've received from Anna.  As a first time mom who had suffered a previous loss, this sense of calm is absolutely priceless.

I'm now in my 32nd week and in the "home stretch."  You can be assured that I will continue my treatments right up until my delivery and will update when our son makes his appearance in a few short weeks.  :)


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