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shoulder injury

Erin G.

Huntington Beach, CA

5 Stars


I went to Elements in Harmony because I had injured my right shoulder and lost about 40% range of movement. I couldn't even put my hand on my hip. I didn't want to go to a medical doctor who would likely recommend an MRI and possibly surgery,  so I looked for an alternative solution. After only 4 treatments with Anna, I regained full range of movement in my shoulder and was able to resume my yoga and Pilates workouts right away; weight bearing was also no longer an issue.


I was fully healed!

It has been 2 years since my treatments and my shoulder still feels great! I scheduled my appointments within a day or two of each other, as Anna suggested I would see results faster.


I definitely recommend  Anna and the Balanced Method of Acupuncture! I couldn't be more pleased with my results. BTW...I've always been scared of needles, but had no issue with the acupuncture needles.