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Yelp #211

Headaches, TMJ

Subchorionic Hematoma

Pregnancy Care

Natural Delivery

Yelp 212+


Becky O.

Long Beach, CA

5.0 star rating



I started seeing Anna for chronic headaches due to my TMJ-no doctor or chiropractor had been able to give me a long term solution that helped. Coincidentally I started seeing her right around the time my husband and I wanted to try for children.


Within a few consistent treatments, my headaches were going away and my MOOD was much better-an unexpected bonus. After I felt back to baseline, I stopped going. Within months, my husband and I were pregnant very quickly and I had a subchorionic hematoma-bleeding during the first trimester. I was so stressed. Luckily I started having headaches again and went back to Anna-within days of the first treatment the bleeding stopped.


I continued to see Anna regularly throughout my pregnancy and am convinced that is the reason for my somewhat easy pregnancy (I use that word with a grain of salt since no pregnancy is easy) and my natural delivery and healthy happy baby.


I highly recommend her for anything you are seeking to cure. I am a germaphobe and initially was freaked out by community beds, but she keeps everything clean and professional and I have never had an issue. &

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