Yelp 199+ Digestive & Menstrual Issues

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Natalie B.

Laguna Niguel, CA


5.0 star rating



I cannot say enough amazing things about Anna. I had been suffering gastrointestinal (GI) and digestive issues since high school. After the birth of my first child my issues had increased and I sought the care of a homeopathic doctor and did a sensitivity testing and began avoiding all foods that I was sensitive to. However, after the birth of my second child, my issues continued worsening and my GI specialist referred me for some additional testing.


At the same time I was undergoing additional testing I decided to seek out an acupuncturist and I found Anna through Yelp. When I met with Anna she assured me she could help with my digestive issues and upon discussing my general health as well during our initial meeting she also insured me she could help with my menstrual cycle; I had carried two children for 9 months each and breast feed each for over a year, so I had essentially gone 4 years without a period and once my menstrual cycle had returned it was completely irregular among other issues.


After approximately 8-9 sessions with Anna she had completely regulated my menstrual cycle and alleviated all menstrual issues. After approximately 13-14 sessions with Anna she had alleviated nearly all of the GI issues I was having. This is also when I started feeling energized after leaving acupuncture, my body finally felt like it was in line. Those first 14 sessions or so I often felt tired or fatigued after acupuncture, I could tell my body was cleansing toxins and healing. As I was starting to feel better I went from seeing Anna 2-3 times a month to just once a month. Now I see her on a monthly basis and every time I see her I truly feel that she is balancing my energy, keeping my menstrual cycle light and regular, and keeping my digestive issues from flaring.


Now when I see her I leave feeling energized after my session. If I go 6 weeks or more without seeing her I can feel my body becoming out of line, I can feel my digestive issues flaring up, as well as my menstrual cycle become irregular. The stresses of the world can affect our bodies and our health and having a person like Anna to help ensure you are healthy and that your body is free of pain is truly a blessing. Thank you Anna!