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Tustin, CA


5 Stars



I've had a unique opportunity to use Anna's services in more than one way. Let me start by saying that I am an acupuncturist myself. I have been to Anna as a patient to help me with some nagging hip issues. Hip feels great, and I learned an easy way for me to treat myself as well as my own patients for hip issues. She was even awesome enough to send me home with the protocol she used on me!

I've also hired Anna as a consultant. Our sessions have helped me grow both as a practitioner and as a business owner. I've adopted tidbits I've learned from Anna and it has definitely equated to more income and more successful treatments. I've turned to her for help in treating my pregnant wife. As a matter of fact, she is probably one of the first people I'd ask if I came a across an acupuncture or business problem I didn't know how to handle. She is absolutely no nonsense, no BS, but also super nice and down to earth.

I am lucky enough to be able to call her a mentor. Think of it this way, she is the one OTHER acupuncturists come to. Highly recommended for acupuncture services, obviously, but also for professional/personal consulting as well!

Thanks, Anna!

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