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Yelp #94+

Pregnancy Care with Extreme Pain


Anastacia P.
Irvine, CA

5.0 star rating


I've been seeing Anna weekly since my second tri for EXTREME pain beyond the normal aches of pregnancy. I've seen her more than I see my obgyn & midwives. We defied what the western med docs told me. They said, "Your pain will only get worse throughout your pregnancy and there's nothing that we can do until after the baby is born." I have a few weeks to go until I give birth and guess what. The pain has decreased little by little every week instead of getting worse. I can walk without limping and I can sleep throughout the night again. Doctors are not God and belief can change your world. I usually don't write novel reviews but I want anyone reading to know that Anna is talented at what she does and acupuncture is real! She saved my life from the agony I was in just 2 months ago. I thank every force on earth that led me in her direction. Everyone needs an exceptional acupuncturist in their life to move their qi!

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