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Yelp 90+ Plantar Fasciitis


90+ ‪#‎Yelp‬ Review

Whoot whoot!!!

Lucia R.
5 Stars


I had so much foot pain that I thought I might have to stop working. New shoes, special socks, stretching, pain killers, and doctors did very little to help. Then I found Elements In Harmony and my foot pain was 80% better after the first acupuncture treatment session. I have been going once a week for a month now and she is also working on my thyroid, blood pressure and several other minor aches and pains. My outlook is so much better now that I can walk with barely any pain. I am off my blood pressure medication, off the thyroid medication. And they told me it might take 7-17 treatments to get results. Only 4 treatments so far. This is nothing short of miraculous!

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