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Urinary Tract Infection

Immune System


5 Stars


Anna is the BEST!  I had previously been to another traditional acupuncturist to treat my hormones and skin symptoms, and it worked, but only temporarily.  


Then I found Anna through an online search and she has helped me through balancing my hormones, stress, strengthening my immune system, and balance method has been the only way I was able to permanently able to get rid of a UTI.  


I've also been bringing my younger son (now 9) to be treated for immune issues as well.  Every time he develops a cough or cold, Anna is able to treat him right away and he improves quickly and is back at school.  With natural remedies by themselves, it would be weeks before his symptoms started to improve.  Adding in balance method acupuncture speeds things up.  


All of my kids have now been treated for various things from Anna.  My middle daughter had an injured ankle (torn tendon) cross country practice and was recommended to do 5-6 weeks of PT.  She wore a boot and crutches for a week and we brought her into Anna for some intensive treatments, and she was able to heal her ankle.


Now finally I'm bringing in my oldest daughter for wrist pain from playing her cello.  She is a gift, a true healer, and our first stop when any ailment arrives.  We are so blessed to have found her.

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