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Yelp 197 Marginal Placenta Previa

Yelp 197+

Amber W.
Fountain Valley, CA

5.0 star rating 

I sought acupuncture care after my 18 week ultrasound showed partial placenta previa. My midwife highly recommend Anna to insure my placenta moved. I went to see Anna for 6 or 7 treatments and then followed up with another ultrasound which showed my placenta had completely moved. While seeing Anna for my placenta I also mentioned to her that I had very bad heart burn (8/10 discomfort) which went away in 2 treatments and has yet to return. I am now 31 weeks pregnant and anxiously awaiting my home birth.

I highly recommend Anna. I have been to other acupuncturists in the past, but her technique has proven to give me the fastest results. I also love how her office is set up and how easy it is to get in and out.

Thank you, Anna, for the quality care you provide and for the fast results!


This is a return patient whom I had treated last year. For this year, I started seeing her on August 29 and she completed 6 treatments by September 19.

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