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Sarena F.
Orange, CA


5.0 star rating 


Anna is so amazing. I wish I could give her 10 stars. Do you know how rare it is to find a practitioner that: A. Truly cares about you B. Gives you personalized attention and remembers small details about you C. Asks you every time you see her if you are happy, and if you aren't, strives to immediately make you feel better.

Anna is forthcoming about how many healing sessions it will take to see progress. Whether that is pain relief, hormonal/menstrual issues, depression, what have you - Anna treats it all. Her goal is to see progress in as short a time period as you are comfortable with. 'Cause we all have lives we need to get back to! Her sessions are very reasonable ($60 for ongoing treatments), plus she almost yelled at me for trying to tip her. In this day and age where everyone has their hand out for a tip (I'm looking at you Bellboys!) this was refreshing.


Yes, this is a group setting. It sounds worse than it is. Anna is a busy practitioner, and her rooms are always booked. Although it sounds like torture to be stuck full of needles like a pin cushion and left with other people in a room together, she does play meditative music and gives you blankets and arm cushions and eye pillows to make you comfortable. You are also encouraged to bring your own blankets / pillows / earphones to make the experience more enjoyable. I was sitting in the waiting room once and another patient had a huge, fluffy, amazingly soft blanket (one of the big ones!) in her lap. I complimented her on her blanket, and she cuddled with it and said: "it's just so soft! I love it!" Hey, whatever helps you relax! On that note, Anna will let you stay as long as you want. She will always ask you how long you want the session to go on for. Once I stayed for over 2 hours! In this respect, you always get your money's worth.


After a session with Anna, I always feel high. Giddy. Emotionally open. I originally went in for dry eye, but I gotta tell ya, I'm experiencing healing in multiple areas that I wasn't expecting. I'm on my 8th session and dry eye is much better, and I'm also noticing less stress, decreased PMS and moodiness and better sleep.


If you are ever uncomfortable, tell Anna. She walks into the treatment rooms every 10 minutes or so, checking on patients, fetching blankets, speaking privately with people (everyone has mastered the whisper in here), etc. Also, if you really want to minimize the whole "group" vibe, go for her later appointments at night. The last time I was there, I had the whole place to myself. She also has an online appointment system that is super convenient. Use it!

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