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Yelp 167+ Bell's Palsy

Yelp #167+


Marie B.

Lake Forest, CA

5.0 star rating 



Finally got the chance to send this in! Anna has been nothing but amazing!


I was afraid of the idea of having needles all over my body but I was left with no choice when I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. My right side was droopy and I couldn't shut my R eye at night. I couldn't even smile without getting embarrassed, during that same time we found out that I was approximately 3 to 4 weeks pregnant! While in the ER the doctor prescribed prednisone and acyclovir! I was terrified of the idea that it was too early in my pregnancy that the meds even "deemed safe by MDs" for pregnant women might affect my fetus tremendously. I refused the medication while desperately looking for alternative solutions.


I researched and found Anna on Yelp! I called her that morning and she got me in that night. She was thorough and I felt her passion and care toward her clients. I am a nurse myself and a little bit anxious on alternative medicine, but Anna gained my trust.. Bell's Palsy usually lasts a couple of months to 6 months and some ends up with residual effects!


I am happy to say that after just 4 treatments I was healed! I am so impressed! I work in the hospital and even the doctors I work with said that I make Bell's Palsy look good. Had I not said anything, they wouldn't even recognize it! All thanks to Anna!!


Again, she is worth it!!



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