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Yelp 152+ Presurgical Care

Yelp #152+


Alma O.

Tustin, CA


5.0 star rating 


I've been coming to Anna for almost 5 years. I was referred to her by my midwife, right before my son was born. For my first visit, I came in with lower back discomfort because my baby was sitting very low and it was not time yet. During the consultation I explained everything to Anna. Much to my surprise I felt relief immediately following my first treatment. She told me, "I strengthened the baby's Qi." I went home dumbfounded at what I had just experienced.


Well, she continued to amaze me...not too long after my first experience, my mom needed urgent shoulder surgery. Anna prepared her for surgery over a few sessions. When the doctor finished the surgery he reported to everyone that she responded amazingly well for her age and that she was super strong during surgery. He did not have to resort to option B, C or D (which meant full shoulder replacement or worse). This is why I am sold on Anna's methodology.


My journey with Anna continues. She is a gifted healer and a life coach. She spends so much quality time getting to know you and making sure she understands your ailment. Then she proceeds with amazing precision to target the heart of the matter. She is passionate about serving you and committed to your total healing of mind, body and soul.


Anna is a huge blessing in my life!!!

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