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Complete Placenta Previa

103+ Yelp Review


Andrea V.
Fontana, CA


5.0 star




I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa early in my pregnancy at 12 weeks.. Two doctors (including a high risk specialist) told me that the chance of it moving were slim to none since total or complete previa normally tend to stay in place. They put me on pelvic rest and told me to plan for an early C-section at about 36 weeks. That's it.


After researching alternative methods of treatment I stumbled across one of Anna's YouTube video where she talked about treating this. I read her good reviews and decided to try it out.

Anna was very compassionate to my situation and got back to me with information about her method of treatment by using acupuncture. Baby's safety being her #1 priority (and mine, too, of course)...I drive 1.5 hours to her office by the way.

Well long story short..after just four treatments the placenta had moved 1.5cm on one side and 2.5cm on the other side! The high risk DR said he needed it to move 3+cm on each side for a natural birth...OMG I was actually moved and so fast!!


After one or two more acupuncture sessions with Anna, the placenta has now moved over 4cm on both sides!!! I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant and this is something that I don't have to worry about anymore and I can finally take a breath and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy without this added worry. have a very special gift and I bow my head to you and the way you help so many people. I am forever grateful to have found you and I will highly recommend you to everyone I know.


Thank you.

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