Vlog 68

Stage 4 Kidney Disease; 

Low Platelet Count;

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean

(In the video I state that I'm 45. I'm 44.)

For photo of mommy and baby:


My patient needed to deliver her 4th baby by 40 weeks per her obstetrician’s requirement. Mommy came to see me at 38 weeks because doctor was ready to induce beginning at 39 weeks and do a c-section if she did not deliver by 40 weeks. I prefer mommies to go into labor on their own, but the OB made it clear that the mommy had a time frame to deliver on her own. I prepared mommy for natural induction, so that she could beat her doctor’s deadline.

Photo used with permission of patient.

“He was born yesterday 
9.6 lbs
4.354 kilo
23in long
It was easy and fast labor. He is very healthy eating very well. Big boy”

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