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Mission Viejo, CA





Elements of Harmony is truly as good as it gets!!! Anna is amazingly sweet and incredibly dedicated to her work as an acupuncturist. She has treated me for the more than two years working diligently to improve my endocrine system aftering radioactive iodine treatment which burned out my overactive thyroid. As you might guess, this is a very drastic treatment and it left my body devastated. I was weak, unable to sleep well, gaining weight, experiencing hair loss and elevated blood sugar levels. I was a mess and had no hope of battling these systems. A coworker recommended I try acupuncture. She was a patient of Anna's. Initially, Anna treated me 2x per month for about a 9 months, then she suggested 1x week and we continued this about one year. My health has improved greatly and I believe it is due to the amazing work of Anna at Elements of Harmony and partnership with my doctor. My doctor is very supportive of my work with Anna and it shows in my recent lab work. Thank you so much Anna for your commitment to helping me improve the quality of my life.

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