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Shoulder Pain



Dear Anna,


Last July I was performing a task that I have done 12 times a week for six years, when I had a freak injury to my shoulder. There was not a shooting pain, just a twinge but I then had a very limited range of motion - and pain as I moved it.


That was on a Wednesday and I had an annual golf outing planned the following Thursday and Friday. Needless to say I was concerned about even being able to go.

I saw you just three times: Thursday; Saturday; and the following Tuesday. Each time the pain lessened and the range of motion improved! Due to your exceptional work I was able to attend the outing and played 99 holes of golf in two days with zero pain! I have remained relatively pain free since.


You have continued treating me for other chronic, albeit less severe, pains in my knee and elbow with the same success for which I appreciate very much.


Continued success in your business and please feel free to have anyone contact me personally if they would like to talk.




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