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This page belongs to the World


If you are on this page, then you're one of my friends or you're just a stranger that I haven't met yet.


This is where you can share one or more of your many AMAZING stories.  Each of us has something POWERFUL and AWARD-WINNING to share. 


We hear of bad news too often.  This is where the buck stops.  This is where the world wide web can visit and say, "Hey, now that's ONE amazing story.  That's another amazing story.  And another!"


Let me hear your stories.  YOU are a REAL LIFE SUPER HERO.  Modesty doesn't belong here.  This is where  we want to hear all about your TRIUMPHS, all about the difficulties in life that you've overcome and how YOU made it to the TOP.  We want to hear about your SUCCESSES! 


Please submit your stories to  I want to read them.  You can be anonymous or you can put your name or an alias.  You can write it or you can send me a YouTube video.  Your story will not be in my book unless you give me permission to put it in there.  Otherwise, it will stay here on our website. It's YOUR story.  Perhaps you can write your book.  I'm sure your stories will captivate large audiences and we will want to hear more from you.   


All of our bodies will leave this planet one day.  It's the cycle of life.  One thing will happen, our stories will either die with us or live on to share with the ever expanding world. 


Please share your stories.

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