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The Purpose of this Website


I created this website as a supplement to my main website, which is  I have been a licensed acupuncturist since June 22, 1999.  I am a Gold Level Certified Dr. Tan's Balance Method practitioner since April 12, 2006.  I am also a Dr. Tan BAZI practitioner, having graduated his most difficult classes in 2015.    


Elements in Harmony Acupuncture &  Chinese Herbs has been my pride and joy for many years now.  I love what I do.  There is a great deal of positive motivation that goes on in our healing center and, if you speak with any of my patients, some of them will tell you that I have tremendous passion to help people realize and unleash their inner power.  We all have this powerful energy within us that really wants to reveal itself.  Unfortunately, too many of us on the planet spend most of our lives not cultivating this energy or daring to share what we are truly capable of. 


My purpose is to share with you things that I am doing in order to be the best that I can be. I encourage all of you to be the BEST that YOU CAN BE. 


Life is too short to be less than your best.  Show us, your brothers and sisters on this beautiful planet, HOW BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, CREATIVE, INTELLIGENT, MAGNIFICENT AND POWERFUL YOU REALLY ARE. 


Are you committed to being a better you?  Show us!  Please click on REAL LIFE SUPER HEROES and read how I would LOVE to have you share your stories with us on our website!



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