This is my testimony about my healing experience with Anna.

I found Anna on Yelp and I was searching for an alternative remedy for my PTSD symptoms. I was desperate to find something that would alleviate the severity of the triggers and allow me to have relief from depressionhormone imbalancesleep deprivation, etc.


As you can imagine, when I first met Anna I was very uncomfortable. I decided to have the consultation and go through a series of treatments. After sitting for only 30 minutes, I asked her to take the needles out as I wasn’t expecting this type of treatment. I didn’t have faith that anything was going to help me.

However, the next day (with only a short session) I felt the impact in my day to day activities. I was shocked! And frankly embarrassed for my abrupt decision to discontinue the sessions. I reached out to Anna and explained to her my feelings and apologized for not believing in her methods.


I am VERY grateful of how she not only lovingly embraced me as a patient, but also how she never once judge my conditions. Her methods of healing have allowed me to have a better sense of well being. I have been able to sleep! I have been able to enjoy my life in a way I didn’t think was ever possible. Her dedication to her practice is seen in her healing in mind, body and soul. She has been instrumental to my current state of well being.

Thank you, Anna, for giving me the ability to see life from a different lense by aiding the relief in the severity of my PTSD symptoms! I praise God for answering my prayers by finding your practice.

With Healing Hugs, 🙂

Vanessa Wilson

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