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Post-Surgical Care



Hi Anna,


I went to physical therapy this AM and told my therapist that I had acupuncture yesterday. He said he immediately noticed my foot when I walked in, and that it looked so much better. It was not red as it had been in the past. We talked a lot about acupuncture, and he really believes in it. He said that even if the medical literature doesn't support it, he does, and he has seen great results with it.


I will give him your card, who knows, maybe he will refer patients to you.
His name is Al Lavayen. He is a PhD in physical therapy, and he teaches at USC. He also does EMGs. I have known him and gone to him since the early 1990's. He is GREAT.

I am so pleased about yesterday. I am moving more easily, with less pain, and my mood is better, too.


Thank you.

Mandy V., R.N.

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