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Placenta Previa - Complete

Testimony: Complete Placenta Previa


This is my first baby and I was scared to hear the news that I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa at 19 weeks pregnant.


I went online and googled awful, and scary stories of previous women with this condition. The doctor stated if the placenta did not move, then a c section will be necessary and I might lose a lot of blood which will require a blood transfusion. I was not only scared but also put on high risk until further diagnosis. I was excluded from living my normal life, doing any activities, I had to be on bed rest, couldn't have sexual intercourse or lift anything heavy, take long walks or long drives. I was sad and scared, I wanted a normal life and normal pregnancy.


I am a student of oriental medicine and acupuncture so I'm a strong believer in acupuncture that it works. However I will only allow an experienced and licensed acupuncturist to needle me since I'm pregnant. I googled acupuncture for placenta previa and was astonished with the amazing reviews that I found for Anna. I read and listened to all the testimonies. I was excited to meet her.


I contacted her and immediately scheduled my appointment. I received my first treatment 3 days after my diagnosis and my second treatment 2 days later. I only had two treatments and I went to a followup ultrasound a week later and I was glad and happy to find out my placenta had moved 5 cm away from my cervix and was no longer covering my cervix. I was relieved and released to live a normal life again and go back to my regular duties.


Thank you,

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