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Neck Pain - Degenerative Disc Disease

One of my favorite things to treat is neck pain. I love what I do.


Lake Forest, CA

5.0 star rating 
1/13/2017 Updated review

Anna is a miracle worker! This is a long overdue review...

My mom was visiting summer of 2015. Her degenerative disc disease in her neck flared up and she was in tremendous pain. It was so severe that she could hardly move her upper body, couldn't sleep, couldn't find any comfortable position at all. Her regular pain meds did not seem to work so I brought her to Anna. By the time she left Anna's office, her pain was down by about half and she regained some motion. In about 2 hours, the pain was completely gone and she was back to her old self. 

She had tried acupuncture for pain management and said it didn't quite work. She was a little skeptic when I made her appointment with Anna. She was amazed at the result.

5.0 star rating 

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I have no apparent illness, pain or health issues. But I have been coming to Anna for quite a while for what she calls regular tune-ups. I call them pick-me-up's. I always ask her to: calm my brain, boost my immune, make me feel better, help me relax. And she does that every time. I feel like a new person when I walk out of her office. 

Thank you so much, Anna!