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Natural Fertility

NATURAL PREGNANCY with the POWERS of Chinese medicine


Another one of my patients is now a mommy due to the POWERS of Chinese medicine.


She ONLY did Dr. Tan's Balance Method Acupuncture to get pregnant naturally. She holds a very high profile position in a company that is a household name based out of LOS ANGELES. A lot of my work was quieting her mind, letting go of life's stresses and turning off her brain. It was not easy.


"Hi Anna!
I wanted to let you know we had our little boy on Valentine's Day!
We are enjoying this magical experience and I want to Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!
You are an amazing doctor, counselor and an inspirational woman."


I started treating her on September 10, 2014. She gave birth on February 14, 2016. I asked for 6-12 cycles. I treated her 28 times as of August 26, 2015. She is 39 years old today.


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