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Natural Fertility

Yelp 118+

Kristi K.

Lake Forest, CA





I'm normally not an actual Yelp reviewer, but I use the reviews to base my decision on which business I choose.


However, I felt strongly to give my review on Anna and her acupuncture business.  Anna is the best acupuncturist I've ever been to!!  She truly cares about her patients!


My husband and I came to her about 6 years ago, since we were having problems with infertility.  We've went through the typical Western methods with drugs and other treatments and unfortunately were unsuccessful.  I found Anna using Yelp and after a quick phone conversation, I felt an immediate connection with her.  She was very forthcoming in our first meeting, telling me our problems were not going to be cured overnight, but with weekly treatments and dedication, we could conceive naturally.


Well lo and behold, 4 months later, I was pregnant.  It wasn't an easy process, but Anna was there for us with any questions. She also helped us through the pregnancy and I never suffered any morning sickness.  We now have a rambunctious 4 1/2 year old daughter! She is the love of our life.  Thanks to Anna, she is truly a blessing.

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