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Treating INSOMNIA with Dr. Tan's Balance Method.


I've been treating this patient consistently since September 2013. As of today, he has received a total of 53 acupuncture treatments. I have used PRIMARILY acupuncture on this patient. He did try Chinese herbs with me, but he wasn't consistent in taking the herbs. This patient wanted to focus primarily on acupuncture for his main healing modality.


My video explains how this patient went from having 2 hours of sleep each night for 15 years to now 4-5 (worst case) to an average of 5-6 hours, sometimes 7-9 hours, depending on his lifestyle. As of July 2014, he stopped his automatic sleep prescription refills. The medications that he took consistently until July 2014 were: ALLOPURINOL, INDOMETHACIN, ATOVAQUONE-PROGUANIL, ZOLPIDEM TARTRATE, LUNESTA and ESZOPICLONE.


This patient is in his 50s. He is very happy with the results that he has achieved almost from the beginning of his therapy. Though his treatments have not been "aggressive" with frequent treatments in a short period of time, he CONSISTENTLY came in for therapy, having missed some weeks or a month here and there due to being out of the country and a very busy lifestyle. Since he started having 5-7 hours of sleep, he has become more consistent with his treatments coming in once a week or, at least, every other week. Slow and steady has been this man's pace, but he is happy that he sleep better, has higher quality of sleep, has more energy and feels happier overall. He even has a sleep app on his phone that shows that he is getting better quality sleep.


If you or someone you know wants better sleep, please contact me at or…/testimonials_insomnia.html





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