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Yelp 119+

Danielle A.

Newport Beach, CA





I have searched high and low for alternative therapies.  Acupuncture is one of them and Elements in Harmony embraces the traditional elements of the art.  I would never go into an appointment of a new acupuncturist without an initial consult, it is mind, body and soul that connects your therapist to what you need to focus on to repair and healing of your body and mind.  


I love there is no time limit to your appointment here, your body is done when your body is done... the more time the needles are in, the better the treatment.  


I am so appreciative for Anna and her dedication of the art.  


For those who are surfing reviews, remember, do check the credibility of each persons page and reviews.   It is shocking when you see how many friends a person has, how many reviews they have, how many stars they dish out to establishments  and how honest the reviews really seem verses just a place to complain.  There are many patrons that abuse yelp... make sure you are able to weed them out so you don't miss out on something that could be great.  And this establishment is great.

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