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For over 10 years, I would suffer 3 to 4 days every week with a severe headache. The chiropractor would adjust my neck every week but a day or two later I'd be back in the same shape. The only pain killer that seemed to help was Excedrin Migraine. In addition to the bottle I had at home, I kept a bottle in my car, a bottle in my purse and one in my desk drawer at work. At age 30, most days I felt like I was 60 years old.


In early 2010, I relocated to Southern California from the Midwest and I found a very good chiropractor. He gave me advice on the best methods for alleviating my issues. However, no matter what I tried, I was still in his office, in pain, every week. I could have gone 3 times a week at some points, but it was not something I could financially justify since it obviously was not "working". The relief was only temporary and I wanted more than a band-aid fix.


In a discussion with my chiropractor about my complete frustration, he suggested I try acupuncture again. I had tried traditional acupuncture before but was not impressed with the results. It seemed to help a little bit but nothing notable (other than the electricity they put through the needles was something my body could not handle). I scoured the web and found Anna. The amount of information she provided on her website and in her YouTube videos was astounding. I read over the information very carefully and understood that if I wanted this treatment to work, I would have to devote a lot of time to her.


I called the number for her office one morning and was amazed. She answered the phone and discussed my history, my concerns and set me up for my first appointment within that first conversation. January 5th 2011 was my first appointment and the day my life changed forever. Little by little, treatment by treatment, the pain came less frequently. My chiropractor noticed that my body held the adjustments longer and the number of vertebra out of place was getting less and less. It's been 6 months since my first visit and I've had almost 60 treatments. I've gone over a month without a headache. My chiropractor hasn't seen me in over 6 weeks because I don't feel like I need to go. The pain I used to feel is almost like a distant memory. Anna's acupuncture has done amazing things for my body and her wisdom that she has shared has done amazing things for my mind. She truly is a healer.


- Jeanna

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