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Grind Teeth &

Natural Induction

Yelp 115+

Shana M.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


5.0 star rating 



I approached acupuncture with skepticism. I didn't "believe" it could really work. But I found myself in a situation where I really didn't want to use medication. I was 40 weeks pregnant and I didn't want to be medically induced. So I went to Anna. After one session I had my child the next afternoon!......but I still didn't "fully" believe. I mean, maybe it was a fluke?


I then developed a bad case of grinding my teeth during sleep. I had to wear an uncomfortable mouth guard, had daily headaches and jaw pain. Again, I didn't want to use prescribed medicines to "relax" "calm down" or "sleep deeper". I went in for 3 treatments in a one week span (an aggressive schedule for me). I slept amazingly! My anxiety reduced by 80%! I didn't need a mouth guard! The treatments felt AMAZING - I left feeling like I was walking in bliss every time I left her treatment center! After that I was a true BELIEVER! I now use Elements in Harmony for my overall general health maintenance. I have seen Anna to help with various health issues/illnesses/injuries throughout the past 6 years. She has helped me with:



-low energy

-back pain/ inflammation


-digestive issues



-pregnancy related issues


I also love her online scheduling system. I have a hectic life and it allows me to book the day of if I need to. She is extremely accommodating, she always works with me on last minute bookings, which is a HUGE bonus from having a Community Healing room.


Honestly, I can't wait to go again - it just adds so much balance to my busy life - I know I'll always leave saying “AHHHHHHHHHH"

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