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Gram Negative Surgical Site Infection



(I posted this on FB on June 3, 2015.)


I am so grateful. There are countless miracles happening our lives right now. I am especially thankful for the wonderful changes that are happening.

There is one wonderful message regarding my professional life that I would like to share publicly. In 16 years of practice, I have been on a quest to be one of the most effective acupuncturists on the planet. I have been tracking a lot of my work online since 2006:

Tonight I was given EXTRA ORDINARY news from a relatively new patient.

"B" presented with GRAM NEGATIVE SURGICAL SITE INFECTION. The doctors and nurses informed the patient that this is a very difficult infection to treat and that they expected her to have to do surgery in order to remove the infection. The patient did NOT want the surgery. The infection started 2 years ago during an umbilical hernia repair. For 2 years, the patient was unable to get a proper diagnosis from any physician regarding her severe pain and swelling. Just 1.5 months ago, a general surgeon at a local hospital immediately and confidently diagnosed her condition. The 42-year old patient was so happy to finally have an actual diagnosis because so many specialists did not know what was going on with her and she kept getting referred out to a different specialist.


The infection was 6.5". The infection required what the patient called "silver treatment," which is being done in the hospital's wound care clinic. She tried to explain to me what this procedure is like. It is not comfortable for her nor has it proven to be effective for her. I found some info online:


I'm probably not finding exactly what I need, but basically, the patient has been suffering, has been receiving the standard therapy at the hospital's wound clinic, not getting any relief, not improving and she is adamant that she does not want surgery.

I treated the patient on 5/27/15, 6/15 and tonight 6/3. The patient exclaimed that the doctors and nurses are astonished. They are at a loss for words.


The infection is gone. The wound has shrunk from 6.5 to 3.5". There is no more need for surgery. There is no more concern. I still need to take it from 3.5" to 0, but this is far more progress than what the patient has seen in 2 years just from 2 TREATMENTS using Dr. Tan's Balance Method Acupuncture. LAST WEEK, the infected wound was measured at 6.5".


I am beyond ecstatic. I feel humble for what I am learning, proud of what I have helped happen, blessed that I am the acupuncturist who has been gifted this case and GRATEFUL that I have given this woman hope. The patient's mother is visiting from the midwest to help the patient because she is a corporate attorney, divorced, a mother of two little ones and her life still has to keep going despite her suffering. Her mother is so grateful and these two patients are beyond relieved. They honestly came to my office thinking that if this doesn't work, she would have to do the surgery.

I always aim to under-promise and over-deliver. I asked for 10 treatments for the patient to see a minimum of 30% improvement. We accomplished more than that in 2 treatments. I always expect this, but I always keep my mind and heart humble before I see the RESULTS.


Thank you, God, for giving me this gift. Thank you, Southern California, for trusting me.


Thank you, Dr. Tehfu Tan, for blessing your students with the greatness that you selflessly give to us all around the world. I love you so much, Shifu.

I wrote my deposit for my first house today. To tell you that today is EXTRA ORDINARY for me is an understatement. On June 22, I mark my 16 years as a licensed acupuncturist. I did not make a profit for 7 years and I did want to give up many times. It was very difficult for me to keep standing when all I had was a few dollars in my pocket and a dream to be a really good acupuncturist one day. I practiced from June 22, 1999-March 6, 2006 doing TCM. On March 6, 2006, my destiny to practice Dr. Tan's Dr-Tan Balance Method Teachings began. My life changed, my practice changed and so did my income. My success rate overall improved from 40-60% to 85-95% using Balance Method.


I am humbled by this powerful medicine and I am so thankful.


I am very happy to be a Gold Level Certified Dr. Tan's Balance Method Practitioner. The hard work is truly paying off and I hope that you are proud to call me your student, Shifu. Here is but one of the millions of pieces of jades that your worldwide students offer in return for the lessons you bestow upon us.


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