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Facial Pain Post-Dental Work

I have been using acupuncture for over 20 years to treat many different ailments. What I love about acupuncture is that it treats the body as a whole, not just the symptoms but the causes too.


Recently, I turned to Anna and her Balance Method when the top specialists couldn’t diagnose my pain with 100% assurance. It began when I had dental work in October 2017; what should have been a simple filling, led to over a year of pain. The top endodontists in Orange County tested and retested my teeth, trying to assess where the pain was coming from; recommending to kill two nerves, adding a night mouth guard; this did not help, and still, the pain continued. The subsequent recommendations were to remove the teeth, and this had no guarantee that it would relieve the pain, the second recommendation was to test for trigeminal neuralgia, which even with this prognosis, the treatment was objectionable at best. In February 2018, I made the whole mental/physical commitment to Anna.


I want to stress that I have always been super fast at healing with Anna. She has treated me for many things over the last ten years, and I only ever needed 1 to 4 treatments, and I was 95 -100% better (PLEASE NOTE THAT This is UNCOMMON and should not be anyone’s baseline!). - BUT not this time.


I tried CBD oil; this did nothing to abate the pain; I was taking Ibuprofen daily to manage to get through the day. When finally I turned to Anna; I was in excruciating pain and frustrated with the professionals and their treatment plans. When we began, Anna was treating me 3X a week then down to 2X a week and then 1X per week for three months consistently; I will tell you that often the day after the treatment I was in more pain, and then my pain would improve significantly until my next appointment.


Fourteen weeks of intense treatments, and I am finally not taking ibuprofen daily. I am managing my pain with treatments from Anna, which are now about two times per month. I finally have more good days than bad.


#Pain that is singular, debilitating, and makes a person suffer continuously alone, is tragic to the human soul. It eats away at our personality to the point that we disappear and become a shell of ourselves. Anna was my savior; she gave me back my laughter and joy. I am a better mom, wife, and friend, because of her commitment to me.

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