Ear Congestion

HI Anna,


(this is long overdue)


Last year while traveling overseas a lot, I ended up with fluid in my ears and could not hear properly out of my right ear. I was quite concerned about the issue as my work project involved lots of phone meetings and additional trips on the schedule. . 


I know acupuncture can fix a lot of things and with all the travel I was doing, you helped me keep my immune system strong while my coworkers were becoming ill. You helped me overcome jet lag when I was flying literally back to back trips across the United State and Europe .  


I got home; scheduled time with you and hoped relief would come quick.  The first treatment brought a little relief but I still could not hear properly. I knew in a few more treatments I would be better, Several treatments later, the fluid was gone, my ears opened up and I could hear clearly again. 

Just in time as well because a couple of weeks later I was back on a plane for another work project :)

Thank you for fixing me up yet again


Frequent flyer!