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Meet our 2nd Acupuncturist

Cris del Rosario, L.Ac.

Cris and Anna are both

Balance Method Acupuncturists

Cris can be reached directly at:


Cris schedules his own appointments.



Cris del Rosario is an integrative, California board-certified licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. He specializes in pain relief and preventive care. 


Cris has a passion and a burning desire to help people improve their health and remove the barriers that are preventing his patients realize their full potential.


He has a Master’s Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Cris has advanced his acupuncture training by implementing the Balance Method, an acupuncture system developed by the internationally renowned thought-leader and acupuncturist, Dr. Richard Tan.


In addition to his training in acupuncture, herbal medicine and exercise science, Cris has a deep understanding of biological and physiological systems and has completed the following functional medicine certifications: Fundamentals of Functional Blood Chemistry, Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry, Mastering the Thyroid, Mastering Brain Chemistry, and The Neuroendocrine Immunology of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.


His previous work revolved around health and wellness. Cris worked as a personal trainer, massage therapist, and physical therapist technician where he helped his clients successfully achieve their health and fitness goals.


During his spare time, you can find Cris in the kitchen creating various recipes and herbal remedies, hiking, or running with his dog, Neo. He has a passion for the role of food and movement in health and wellness.


Below is Cris's initial rate for his services. 

Initial Exam: $ 77.50

  • Includes health consultation, herbal medicine consultation, evaluation, physical exam, pulse diagnosis, goal setting.

  • Does NOT include treatment

  • 30-45 min

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