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You Must Have Confidence as an Acupuncturist 

This video is about CONFIDENCE. This video is especially for acupuncturists, but anyone who needs information on how to have a stronger sense of self-confidence, especially in business and the healing arts, will benefit from the information I share.

Here is my track record: &


I've been in practice since 1999. I welcome your feedback. Please pardon the couple of times I had to bring Tommy into the video. #businessmommy

Thank you for sharing with anyone you think can benefit from this video! I can be reached at 949-305-1703 (landline) or you can text me on my 619#.

For those of you who think you'd like to learn more:

I'll be breaking down EACH concept that I present in PRIVATE videos on my Happy Club. 

Contact me when you're interested in learning more in great detail.

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