Better Bowel Movements lead to Weightloss

(which help this patient lose weight naturally)


(These testimonials are from years ago. I can tell you from my own experience that I lost 48 pounds 1994-1996 (4-5 sizes) and I kept it off until I gave birth in 2004 to my first child. I then lost about 60 pounds until I gave birth to my second child in 2010. I now wear a size 2. Acupuncture is AWESOME. I have tremendous energy. I am physically strong. I am mentally alert. I am motivated to do great things in my life. I have AMAZING health.


Acupuncture cannot replace a healthy lifestyle: nutrition, sleep, exercise---and having a POSITIVE OUTLOOK. I recommend 7-9 hours of sleep. Eating recommendations vary from different schools of thought (vegan, raw, gluten-free, high protein/low carb, etc.; personally, I believe you should eat what you feel is right for you. If it's working for you (ethically/health-wise), then stay with it. If you have some health issues, then that area of your health needs to be significantly analyzed). On a daily basis, I eat 90-99.9% vegetarian with 50-90% of my meals being vegan. Sometimes I'll go 100% vegan. Sometimes, I feel like I need some protein. Having healed 100% from a serious eating disorder about 20 years ago, I am not emotionally nor mentally strict with my diet. In regards to exercise, I strongly recommend sweating for a minimum of 45+ minutes, 3 times a week MINIMUM.)


These are two letters from my patient who received her 14th treatment from me since March 21. She comes in 3 times a week. These are the results that we can make with a committed patient who wants to lose weight:


Letter #1 written 4/22

Hi Anna, I don't know what you did to me today, but, boy, do I have energy. I started cleaning out stuff that I have been putting off or too lazy to do. After cleaning up, I felt so much better, like I have the control of my life once again. Like I have restored order to myself. I just feel so motivated and energized.

Also, I have had several bowel movements after getting home which made me feel so much better. I have been feeling so stuffed up lately like it just does not want to come out. Sorry if I'm being too graphic; I just feel so relieved. Thank you so much. Whatever you did, can you keep doing it? Also, thanks for the pep talk. I needed to hear that, so now I'm taking the initiative to do everything that I need and want for myself. ... And I am going to look into counseling again just to help me cope with my situation. ...
Thanks again,
(patient's name held anonymous)


Letter #2 written 4/23

Hi Anna,

I just wanted to give you an update today. I woke up with no problem; no struggle getting up. I had a bowel movement this morning with no problem. I didn't have to sit for a long period of time and try to force it. I went with no pain whatsoever. You don't know how good that feels. For once I look forward going to the bathroom. My energy level is high, which I really need with the baby and all. As for the hip pain - what hip pain. I sure didn't feel it at all this morning. I feel great!! I'm hoping everyday would be like this. I owe it all to you. You work wonders. I don't care how many needles you stick me with. As long as I keep feeling like this, it's all worth it.

Thank you so much.


(We are making progress in all aspects of her health also. There are a LOT of positive health changes taking place with this patient that are not mentioned in this email.)

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