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Yelp 101+ Low-lying Placenta

101+ Yelp Review


Claire C. 
Irvine, CA





I came to Anna this August on the recommendation of my midwife when an ultrasound showed I had a low-lying placenta at 20 weeks. Placentas often move on their own, but they often do it slowly or late, and if it stayed low it would become partial placenta previa and I'd be risked out of my planned home birth. (And, potentially, need a c-section at the hospital if it stayed low all the way to labor!) I'd never had acupuncture before - I had a long-time fear of needles - but I wanted something to help that placenta move! Western medicine really offers nothing except "often they move, but there's nothing you can do to influence it." Anna was flexible in her recommendations for the treatment process, but we agreed I'd like to be aggressive so that it would be clear for a follow-up ultrasound before I started working again for the school year. I saw Anna for 5 or 6 treatments within a few weeks.


The cost was lower than I expected, and appointments easier to schedule, because of the way her clinic is set up and her style of acupuncture. She can have several people all under treatment at the same time, but with staggered starts - and she's popular! I think I only had the place to myself once! She is very warm and personable, making me feel at ease like with an old friend, while still being absolutely professional and efficient.

At my follow-up ultrasound, the tech was amazed - my placenta had gone from 1.2 cm away from the cervical os to 5 cm away in 6 weeks!


In addition to definitely getting the treatment outcome I'd come for, my treatments were an opportunity to relax and unwind in a calm space with healing energy. I plan to return for any new 3rd trimester discomforts that arise in my last few months of pregnancy, because Anna's work was so effective and so holistically healing for me. I absolutely recommend her for any healing need you might have!

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